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Scandi Investments group has more than 10 years’ experience in the Balearic Islands and South of France luxury property market. A total independent company that acts solely on behalf of private clients looking for value added purchases.

Our extensive network of industry contacts is established over several years; As a result we leave no stone unturned when finding your perfect property. Our network offers you privileged first access to new construction and off market properties that has never been openly advertised and reached the market yet.


Engaging with our experienced property finder, will not only offer you access to a wider choice of properties, but it will also strengthen your position towards other real estate agents. In the real estate market real estate agents are aware of Scandi Investments Group high quality and serious clientele. Therefore Scandi Investments Group´s clients are always the most preferred and prioritized clients in negotiations and transactions, where there are multiple interested parties. This also means we are able to leverage your position, when it comes to negotiating the best deal for you.



The prime second home market in Mallorca can be extremely competitive. In certain situations anyone not using a property finder could be at a distinct disadvantage.


A property finder will also use your time as efficiently as possible if you are busy or value your spare time. Trying to find a second home yourself, you will realize within the first 30 minutes of your research that all Real Estate Agents are offering you the same properties, again and again. You will need to speak with every single agent that you have contacted, and tell them that you have already look at this house, and you don’t like the location, size, style or what else might not be in your taste.


The Four main reasons to use Scandi Investments Groups Property Finder;

  • Save time and negotiate the best deal
  • Access the widest range of property
  • Access unique off market properties
  • Access the Balearic Islands market from overseas


With Scandi Investments Group Property Finder you will not need to explain the same issues over and over again, at Scandi Investments Group we offer you:

  • A tailored one-to-one consultation with one of our residential property experts.
  • Evaluate your residential property requirements and present you with bespoke portfolio tailored to you.
  • Providing you with a unique off market property selection
  • Professional property consultant with an effective schedule for property visits
  • Complete due diligence processes, before completion of purchase

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